Everyday, thousands of selectors pick millions of cases error-free with Selector Pro!

Selector Pro
is the core Pro Series application that automates and directs picking activities throughout the warehouse. It’s available in a hands-free voice guidance or in a wearable configuration to meet the demands of any operating environment.

Flexibility & Value
Configure Selector Pro to maximize your productivity and ROI:

  • Combine text-based information with revolutionary voice guided instructions for seamless hybrid applications
  • Include laser bar code scanning for location verification and GS1 product traceability
  • Voice guidance with instant text messaging and keypad functionality - a Pro Series exclusive!
  • Include wireless “on–demand” label printing in either configuration

ROI Calculator:
Find out how much you can save with Selector Pro!

More details

Selector Pro Brochure (Pdf, 1 MB)
Selector Pro Video Clip
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    Selector Pro


 What the Pros Are Saying

Selector Pro Voice Guidance:
2010 Material Handling Logistics Tradeshow

Selector Pro Wearable:
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Case Studies -- Real Success

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