Loader Pro®

Loader Pro® transforms trailer loading to eliminate errors with a powerful combination of functionality – and business benefits – found in no other system!

SAE Loader Pro® is the Pro Series application that automates and directs staging and loading activities on the outbound side of the warehouse. After exchanging data with the warehouse delivery routing software, Loader Pro optimizes each trailer load for its designated route. The system generates a precise loading sequence or zone-by-zone placement instructions to direct the entire loading process.

Wearable computers direct loading operations with Voice Guidance and use an integrated text display to communicate load summaries and other information too cumbersome for voice-only instruction. Loaders can text for help on the spot or call up an additional “look-ahead” into orders needed to complete a load.  

Integrated laser barcode scanning (wired or wireless) is the key to GS1 product traceability and brings greater accuracy and speed to loading dock activities. Scanning pallets and trailer zone placement validates the entire load sequence in real time, eliminating on-truck errors.

Loader Pro ensures the right items are loaded onto the right trailer, in the proper sequence and in the designated zones for all assigned delivery stops. The combination of system software and modular hardware provides real-time visibility and can be configured to meet the demands of complex outbound workflows. 

Integrating Loader Pro with the complete Pro Series – Selector ProOnboard Pro and Driver Pro – empowers distribution organizations to deliver error-free performance seamlessly, from the pick slot to the customer loading dock, shelf or freezer case.