Hybrid Technology

Exclusive Hybrid Design Maximizes Performance and Business Value

SAE applications integrate proven technologies to do what each one does best:

  • Voice Guidance directs employees where to go and what to pick, so they can keep their eyes on the aisle and their hands on the steering
  • Wearable Computers display items/quantities at each stop and provide workforce visibility at all times
  • Hands-Free Barcode Scanners confirm order accuracy, enable traceability and update inventory
  • Hand-Held Barcode Scanners confirm orders as delivered and accept electronic signatures
  • Wearable Printers – provide labels on demand and receipts at point-of-delivery 

And, system hardware is multi-modal, allowing it be used to perform a wide range of other tasks throughout the warehouse.

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SAE & Zebra – A Premier Partnership 

SAE applications run on Zebra, the hardest-working mobile devices in the world. Zebra Technologies is leading the workforce mobility revolution, and SAE is at the forefront as a Premier Business Partner. SAE customers benefit from the strong relationship with Zebra’s technical teams and support organization. And, SAE customers are among the first to get access to innovations as Zebra continues to advance the state-of-the-art. 

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Depth of Expertise

More than four decades of expertise
(Yes, you read that correctly)

Stability. Reliability. Confidence.

SAE pioneered laser barcode applications for use in grocery and food service warehouses, developing first generation systems in cooperation with their most demanding customers. The result is a deep understanding of the DNA of warehouse distribution, logistics and supply chain management that young technology companies simply don’t have. 

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Speed to Results

SAE Fast Track Provisioning Fast Tracks Your ROI

Every new device arrives at its designated site ready to log on for the next warehouse shift or delivery route.

All software is preloaded, and every device configured/tested for seamless operation with Host systems, RF networks and/or route-based mobile communications before it ships to customer sites. SAE also handles warranty registration, documents equipment locations, maintenance records and more to provide comprehensive asset management of your equipment investment.

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SAE by the Numbers


percent of U.S. restaurants whose food service deliveries involve SAE applications.


percent of all groceries sold in the UK that are picked using SAE solutions.


Number of SAE customers ranked among the top 10 food service companies


Number of workers directed by SAE applications each day.


Number of U.S. patents issued to SAE.


Year SAE was founded in Houston, Texas.


Number of years SAE has been a Premier Business Partner with mobility technology manufacturers.