Fast-Track Provisioning

From the purchase order to the warehouse, SAE’s Fast Track program of value-added services puts your technology investment on the fast track to maximum productivity and ROI.

As soon as the purchase order is issued, SAE’s provisioning team goes to work to ensure that system hardware arrives when and where you want it, configured and ready to log on with the next shift. 

Check out highlights of the program here and download the Fast-Track information sheet for complete details of the exclusive services provided to SAE customers at no extra charge.

download the Fast-Track information sheet


SAE single sources all system components – including Zebra mobile computers, scanners, printers and equipment from other suppliers – to ensure the quickest possible deployment.


SAE technicians put all equipment through a rigorous quality check and configure every device to go straight to work with it arrives at its designated customer location.


Scanners, cables, batteries, chargers, carrying cases…anything and everything needed to put your system to work fast is boxed and shipped together. No back-orders, no delays.


SAE maintains a detailed database of all equipment and handles administration for service contracts, warranties, equipment repairs and more.


SAE provides technical services and consulting for initial setup and configuration of software for mobile devices, as well as support during initial implementation. Additional and/or long-term support is available with a Support Contract.