With industry average profit margins hovering below 3%, retail grocery chains have no margin for error and a mandate for cutting costs. Grocery chains looking for a competitive edge rely on SAE solutions to significantly increase order accuracy and workforce productivity.

An integrated suite of four applications – Selector Pro®, Loader Pro®, Onboard Pro® and Driver Pro® – manages workflow from the pick slot to the retail store shelf, eliminating errors, boosting warehouse efficiency and increasing speed to the customer.  SAE’s hybrid technology platform leverages voice guidance, barcode scanning and mobile computing to create two powerful Work Execution Systems that transform distribution for retail grocery.

The systems can be implemented separately or together, scaled to your operation today and configured to grow seamlessly in the future.  From their inception, SAE Pro Series solutions have been developed in partnership with the largest and most demanding retail grocers in the U.S. and Europe. Every facet of system functionality, interface and equipment has been time-tested and proven to add bottom line business value.

To learn more, download the latest case study or watch a video of SAE solutions in action below.

"Every year, capital gets cheaper; people get more expensive. Anytime you can use capital to make people more productive and increase the accuracy with which they work, it just makes a lot of sense.”
- Bill Rankin, CFO, Bluebell Creameries
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percent of all groceries sold in the UK that are picked using SAE solutions.


Number of workers directed by SAE applications each day.

Waveless Picking

Resource leveling increases workforce efficiency.

Data Driven Decision Making

Deep dive analytics to optimize every facet of the supply chain.

Android-based OS

Evergreen system architecture preserves your capital investment.

Powerful Work Execution System

SAE Pro Series solutions manage core functions inside the warehouse to ensure order accuracy, prevent loss, increase productivity and manage risk/liability.

Here is how SAE applications integrate into the workflow for seamless order fulfillment.

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