Driver Pro®

Driver Pro® preserves order accuracy between the warehouse dock and the customer receiving door!

SAE Driver Pro® is the Pro Series application focused on “proof-of-delivery” – documented assurance that each customer order is delivered correctly “as shipped” and received as expected. The system provides one more fail-safe mechanism to eliminate order errors before they can impact customers. It also provides the final link for supply chain traceability and a powerful technology advantage for loss prevention.

  • Wireless mobile terminals automatically download the trailer manifest, route and delivery instructions upon driver login. Drivers then use the terminal to conduct vehicle safety inspections and note conditions/issues.
  • Integrated wireless barcode scanners in each terminal ensure accuracy throughout the process. Before entering the cab, the driver scans any case or pallet label on the trailer to verify that the load and the trailer match the driver’s route.
  • Proof-of-delivery commences upon arrival at a stop. Driver’s terminal displays items to be delivered, quantities and trailer zone/position. Scans of each item off the truck confirm the order as delivered. Scanning an on-premise barcode (optional) captures location and time stamps delivery. Upon completion, the customer’s signature on the terminal screen provides final proof-of-delivery.
  • Wireless mobile printers close out the transaction, generating a signed, “clean invoice” from the wireless printer worn by the driver.
  • System Productivity Tools accessed in the interactive dashboard include route summaries and other robust analytics to drive continuous improvement in workforce productivity.

Integrating Driver Pro with the complete Pro Series – Selector ProOnboard Pro and Driver Pro – empowers distribution organizations to deliver error-free performance seamlessly, from the pick slot to the customer loading dock, shelf or freezer case.