Selector Pro®

Selector Pro® revolutionizes order selection with a powerful combination of features – and business benefits – found in no other system!

SAE Selector Pro® is the core Pro Series application that automates and directs picking activities while providing real-time workforce visibility throughout the warehouse. The combination of system software and modular hardware can be configured to meet the demands of any operating environment.

Wearable computers direct picking operations with Voice Guidance, supplemented by text display to communicate order summaries and other information too cumbersome for voice-only instruction. Selectors can text for help on the spot, get an additional “look-ahead” of the order or be re-routed from anywhere.  

Integrated laser barcode scanning (wired or wireless) is the key to GS1 product traceability, increasing accuracy without compromising hands-free operation. Barcode scanning equips the selector to capture a wide range of additional data at the point-of-pick, including precise catch weights, short notifications and more.

Wireless label printing equips selectors to print case, tote or pallet labels on-demand during the selection process. Wireless printing boosts productivity, eliminates the need to preprint/sort bulk case labels and helps prevent mislabeling of cases and pallets.

System Productivity Tools accessed in the interactive dashboard include real-time floor management and robust analytics to drive continuous improvement in workforce productivity.

Integrating Selector Pro with the complete Pro Series – Loader ProOnboard Pro and Driver Pro – empowers distribution organizations to deliver error-free performance seamlessly, from the pick slot to the customer loading dock, shelf or freezer case.