As a result of globalization, the business of providing electronics parts and supplies has become increasingly commoditized. Distributors that compete on price alone soon find themselves in a race to the bottom. SAE’s order fulfillment solution Selector Pro® turns technology into a competitive advantage that distributors use to build customer loyalty and add to bottom line margins.

Selector Pro® manages order fulfillment from the point-of-pick to the shipping dock, eliminating errors, boosting workforce productivity and increasing speed to the customer.  SAE’s hybrid technology platform leverages voice guidance, barcode scanning and mobile computing to create a powerful Work Execution System that transforms omnichannel distribution.

The system can be implemented for product-to-person (e.g., bins and conveyor) and person-to-product (e.g., pick and pack) operations, scaled to your operation today, and configured to grow seamlessly to handle increasing SKU counts and higher order volumes. From its inception, SAE Selector Pro® has been developed in partnership with some of the most demanding distributors in the U.S. and Europe. Every facet of system functionality, interface and equipment has been time-tested and proven to add bottom line business value.

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"SAE Selector Pro has helped selectors to improve their productivity levels and greatly reduce the number of errors. These performance improvements were essential in order for the new automated distribution center to pay for itself."
- Manager, Farnell DC, Liege, Belgium


Number of workers directed by SAE applications each day.

Drive DC Throughput

Handle increasing SKU counts and improve speed-to-customer.

Data Driven Decision Making

Deep dive analytics to optimize every facet of the supply chain.

Android-based OS

Evergreen system architecture preserves your capital investment.

Powerful Work Execution Systems

SAE solutions manage the two core functions of distribution to ensure order accuracy, prevent loss, increase productivity and manage risk/liability.

Here is how SAE applications integrate into the workflow for seamless order fulfillment, routing and proof of delivery.

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