Hybrid Technology

Voice Guidance – Less talk. More performance.

SAE’s hybrid voice/text/scan solution outperforms conventional voice systems.

SAE pioneered voice-recognition for hands-free order picking – but was never satisfied with the limits that voice-only systems put on productivity, accuracy and traceability. This led the company’s engineering team to rethink voice recognition entirely. The breakthrough:  a hybrid system that harnesses each technology component – Voice, Text, Barcode Scanning and Wearable Printing – to do what it does best.


  • Ideal for Retail, Wholesale and Food Service picking operations
  • Industry's first application certified GS1 compliant for item-level product traceability
  • U.S. Patented technology for scanning and printing case labels at time of pick

Features at a Glance




Hands-Free Picking via wearable, multi-modal wireless terminal

Product level traceability via barcode scanning

Bulky headsets, voice profile training & recognition issues

Voice guidance to next pick via built-in speaker

Non-voice pick validation via wireless barcode scan

Memorization of check digits

Case labels printed at time of pick via wireless, wearable printer

Visual preview of upcoming picks via screen on wearable, multi-modal terminal

Pre-printed case labels